The ONE Thing You Need to Do to Finally Write Your Book

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Writing your book or memoir can be super scary. It's not uncommon to encounter all sorts of fears and doubts. Just a few of these might include:

* "I don't have time."

* "I'm not good enough."

* "No one cares what I have to say so why bother?"

* "Others have already written on the subject... what's the point?"

For what it's worth, I get it. I have had a busier two months than I've had in my entire life. Which, well, is odd, given we're in a quarantine and mostly confined to our houses. That said, my book writing business and my musical is my dream... and dreams don't take excuses very well. Instead, our dreams take root in our souls and manifest as cranky, defeated and so very exhausted women.

I won't lie - I went through a good pity party for about two weeks, but after a while, my negative personal fiesta got old. (After a while, people stopped showing up and I was left with my complaining, whiney self. #boring!)

So, yes, there's a lot happening in my world right now. And some of it is H.A.R.D.. But you know what's worse than hard? Not doing the one thing I was put on this earth to do: write and coach. And so, I gave myself a virtual female dog slap and forced myself to do the one thing that would change everything for the better: I forced myself to DECIDE.

The Power of the Word "DECIDE"

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When I took that very first step to "Decide" to move ahead with a better writing routine, one step at a time, everything got better. I started going to bed earlier and began getting up earlier to journal and write my musical before my regular job and coaching gigs. And while this was hard, I was way less crabby. If I can do it, you can do it. Your life will get better when, like me, you decide to move forward with your writing dream.

Our lives are not unlike trains on a track. Depending on what direction we go will depend upon where we land. And while we can't guarantee that every destination will be grand, nor will the adventure getting there be easy, one thing is for certain: If we do not at least decide to move and decide on a direction, we will never go anywhere. Instead, we will sit on those tracks in silence, gaining rust (and likely getting jealous over shiny new trains that zoom on past us.)

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Once You Decide to Write Your Book!

When we decide it's time to write our book, all of our fear goes magically away.

(Just kidding! I wish!)

Nope, when we decide to write it, some of the fear still lingers, but the difference is that a body in motion stays in motion. In other words, just the very act of moving will help those fears to dissipate as your mind gets busy working on ways to get that book done. Here are just a few questions you can ask when you decide to write that book once and for all!

  1. What Will the Book Be About? Okay, that sounds like a simple question, but it really isn't. When I wrote my first memoir, Happily Ticked Off, I wasn't sure if it would be more of a "How to Help Kids with Tourettes" book or if it would be aimed at helping moms deal with it. Would it include spirituality or humor? Both? Taking time to figure that out made a difference in the overall tone and structure of the book. It will make a difference for you, too.

  2. When Will You Write It? Some of you are super busy mamas or working grandmas. It's not enough just to know what you want to write about. "A DREAM WITHOUT A PLAN IS FANTASY." When, specifically, will you care out time to write? For me, I write every day from 8 - 9am.. Sure, there are days I miss this window, but I always make it up on the back end.

  3. What is it Costing You Emotionally to NOT Write Your Book? Deciding on your book is like a magical elixir for negativity, because instead of thinking about how you'd like to write a book but aren't (which causes frustration, irritation and overall grrr) you're actually making a plan to do it. It's amazing how much happier you will be with things that once used to bother you (ex: that annoying neighbor who is always coming by to borrow a can of beans) because you're too busy thinking about pushing yourself forward to care about whether your kids did the dishes or didn't. (Yes, it's important they do the dishes if that's what you asked them to do, but want to know something more imperative? Having clear consequences with zero anger so that you can spend your energy doing something way more productive - writing your book!)

  4. Who Are Your Readers? Once you know the main theme for your book, it's important to think about your readers. Why? Because knowing who will be buying the book will affect your writing style. For my second book, due out in November, I knew that I wanted to write a motivational book specifically for moms who wanted to publish books rooted in wisdom, humor and spirituality. Um, that's pretty specific. But that's the point. My time is limited. I don't want to spend it re-inventing the wheel with a million different clients. I want clients that have similar sensibilities as me. I want clients that I would actually like to have coffee with. That kind of person might include a Jewish grandma in Detroit who wants to write a book about how opening up a bagel store in an all Christian neighborhood made her a fortune and landed her a husband. It won't include a man who wants to write an e-book on lug nuts for his RX7. I'm okay with losing out on clients that don't fit my ideal demographic to make room for those that do.

  5. Who is Your God? Ooooh, did I mention the "G" word? I did! And while some of you will go running for the hills now, some of you will stay. And for those that do, I will tell you why I'm not afraid to mention God: because YOU, lovely spiritual moms and grandmoms, are my key demographic! And since you have a God of your understanding, you know already the value of having a belief in something greater than you. Why not tap into that internal source of energy RIGHT NOW and use it to combat the fears you are having about writing your book? If not now, when? Is it possible that the reason you keep thinking about writing something is because your higher power has wired you to do so? If that's at all a possibility - and I know for certain it is - then it's crucial you take some time every day to ask your Higher Power to direct your thinking so you can fulfill your destiny. Give him/her/it (I don't care what you call it) your fear and ask them to remove it. You'll be shocked what can happen when you do. (Hint: you'll start writing!)

So You've Decided to Write - Now What?

If you've decided to get started writing your book, there's only one thing to do now - write it! You got this and I'm so proud of you!

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