Is Your Niche a Bitch?

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Last week I spoke about the importance of DECIDING to write your book and having a writing schedule. But what are you going to do with your time? Are you sitting there flipping through social media while an idea hits you, or are you laser focused on your message, your audience and exactly what theme will run through every single chapter of your book, your Instagram account, your Facebook account, your LinkedIn account, your Twitter account and all your blogs and guest posts?

Does that sound like a lot? If it does, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you don't have your niche narrowed down. I know, because I lived like that forever... working waaaay too hard with everything I wrote tyring to figure it all out. When I narrowed my messaging down, my life got soooo much better, and when you do also, you won't be tired - you'll be invigorated!

Niche: Pronounced "Nitch" it means to have a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment. Or, in terms of your writing, it means to be totally at ease with your message.

This can sound good on paper, but how do you find it? With so many readers out there, and with so many ideas in your head, how do you pick your book's exact path?

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The #1 Formula to Find Your Niche

It's not as hard as it sounds. Here's your formula:

Your Favorite Idea + God's Will = Your Niche

Niche Example #1

For my first book, it looked like this:

Pass #1

Tourette Syndrome + Supporting parents of kids who have T.S.

That sounds good on paper, but that statement is still pretty broad. Would it be written for the child who had T.S.?

Was it a book about remedies to help tics?

Would it be written for all parents?

I had to get more detailed, so I tried again:

Pass #2

Moms dealing with their kids' Tourette Syndrome diagnosis + Helping mamas relax so they can nurture their child's spirit.

Now that sounded specific!

But, well, was it too specific? Wouldn't I be alienating concerned fathers? The answer of course was, "Yes." But I didn't care, because I knew that in going deep I would help a reader who was my exact kind of person - a scared mama who wants to do best by her hurting child.

Niche Example #1

The same was true of my second book. I needed to get as specific as I could with my messaging.

Pass #1

People who want to write books + Me helping them write books

Um, that's a big Meh. Could I go deeper? Why, yes, I could! So I did!

Pass #2

Moms who want to write books + Coaching them to do so with wisdom, humor and spirituality

Again, like with my first book, would I be enabling people who I could easily coach to write fiction? Or men who want to write books about their business? Absolutely! But for me to teach full time, write my musical and continue to coach a few ideal clients for no more than 5 hours/week, I needed to hone in on my exact type of person who I'd want to hang out with during my precious free time.

That last bit? Sounds selfish, but it's not. Because the women who hire me are the exact women who get me, my spiritual bend, my humor and my wacky brain. These are my people! I love coaching them!

Why the Formula?

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So why the formula? What does it mean?

In a nutshell, by combining the specific subject of my book (my will) with the specific purpose of my book (God's will) I end up with a unique essence of everything awesome called my niche.

My niche is clear enough that every single piece of writing, from blog posts to marketing, goes through my niche filter. If what I want to say cannot somehow be traced back to my niche, I don't say it.

And the best part of my niche? It makes outlining sooooo much easier. If there's a side splitting story that I want to tell about my crazy Uncle Joe Joe, but it has nothing to with my niche, it has to go. I have to save it for Christmas dinner or standing in line at the carpool, but it certainly won't go in my book.

Jan. 23 - Join My Niche Party!

If you want to try your hand at coming up with a niche statement, join me January 23 via Zoom. I'll be having a one hour Niche Fiesta and I'd love you to be a part of it. For details, sign up for my mailing list here and I'll send you details over the next two Wednesdays.

Happy writing!

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