Give Yourself the Gift of Writing for Christmas

I'm keeping this short. Despite every year saying, "I'm going to be ready to go one week before Christmas!" it's always a mad rush to get a last minute gift, bake a pie, wrap a gift... I'm behind! And I'm guessing you might be, too.

But I did want to say one thing before the big day comes where you're staring at your tree full of wrapping paper and bows and considering going in for yet another slice of Christmas Eve pumpkin pie. "What gift did you get for yourself?"

If you're like so many of us caretakers, there's a good chance the answer is, "Nothing." But what if this year you told yourself you would give yourself the gift of writing?

I'd love to be a part of that. Drop me a line at and I'll set us up with a 45 minute Zoom call. I won't sell you a fancy program or promise you the moon. It'll just be you and I, talking one on one about your writing dreams. Because ladies, they matter. And trust me - the present of being yourself is way better than a new blender or robe.

Happy holidays. I hope to hear from you so you can start out 2021 the right way - as a soon to be published author.

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