5 Top Ways to Get Your Book Finally Written in 2021

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I won't lie to you. Just like last week, I am EXHAUSTED right now. Covid restrictions in California are intense. My teenagers are up to all hours of the night thanks to holidays, my 90 year old mom needs to move next week and I'm in charge of the apartment search. I'm starting a new job in a few weeks and, um, I gave up coffee. The last thing I feel like doing is putting a blog out. But I'm doing it anyway. Why? Because a million fans are waiting for it with baited breath!

Ok, I'm not that important.

The plain and simple fact of the matter is "Because I said I would." I write every Wednesday over here, and even if no one ever read my stuff, I do it for myself. Writing keeps my brain moving. It reminds me that no matter how tough things get for me personally (and lately, man, they've been so rough) I have a spirit to nurture. It never ceases to amaze me that I can come to the screen ready to keel over and die of heartache, and I always walk away from it lighter than before. My soul feels refreshed and I feel rested.

Two Books Down, A Third to Come

I wrote both Happily Ticked Off and Write Like a Mother not because I wanted to make a million dollars on residuals. I wrote them because I knew if I didn't I'd die.

If you have this kind of passion to write something also, don't run from it. Don't tell yourself, "Nah, it doesn't matter, I can't do it." YES YOU CAN. Here are 5 ways you can write that book in 2021 once and for all!

Top 5 Ways to Write Your Book in 2021

1) Decide: I've said it before and I'll say it again: DECIDE and then don't turn back. Decide that your voice and your story matter. No one else will ever decide for you. If the universe, God (whatever you want to call it) is nudging you forward with an idea that won't quit, don't ignore it! now is the time.

2) Make the Time: I promise you that if you spend one hour/day - that's it - you'll have an amazing non-fiction book in 9 months. It's really that simple.

3) Don't Make Excuses: If you are using your kids, or your job, or your personal relationship as a reason to not write your book, STOP. Life will always get in the way. There is never a good time to set aside time just for you. But it's something that you must do to show up in the world as the person you were always meant to be: a published author. Just like you wouldn't allow your child to make excuses as to why they didn't do their homework, don't allow yourself to make the same excuses about your life's work.

4) Bring God In: It's not uncommon to be terrified to write a book. After all, if you knew how, you might not be reading this blog or feeling those butterflies in your stomach when you think about it. How about you remember that you aren't alone? That God has your back? That in taking some quiet time to bring God into the equation you can finally have the courage to write from your authentic soul?

5) Hire a Coach! Yup, this is my pitch to you. Having someone like me in your corner to cheerlead you on might be just what you need to listen to your fears, maybe wipe a few tears (virtually) and get you moving toward having your writing dreams come true.

Let me Coach You!

I've got a few openings left for my smallest package - "The Shot." (All my writing packages are based on coffee drinks.)

This includes a one hour intro where we'll talk about your idea and get started on a niche statement, two more private sessions where we'll go deeper on your outline and themes, and 3 Group Zoom sessions.

The Zoom class fun starts Wednesday, January 6 at 5PM PST! (Of course your intro will have to happen before, so if you want in, feel free to contact me at and I'll tell you all about it through email, a phone call or a quick Zoom session!

Note: I have bigger packages for women who want a bit more one on one coaching, but this just might get your feet wet and I'll credit this toward a bigger package later if you feel this one month isn't enough.

You Are Enough

In closing, I want to remind you that your success does not depend on what you do or how much money you make. Your success is your spirit... your words... the impact you leave on others. If a book is calling you, there's only one thing left to do... write it! I'll be right by your side when you're ready to say "Yes."

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